Partnership Subscription – Churches, Organizations & Businesses

Through the Word God admonishes His people to exercise discretion and wisdom in their affairs (Psalm 112:5, Proverbs 4:7). Personal finances are not exempt from this instruction. Lack of financial knowledge and understanding is detrimental to protection and preservation of one’s material blessings.

Financial literacy in the marketplace is imperative. Wealth for the Righteous Resource Center (WFTR-RC) provides financial “know-how” in the areas of consumer and family finance, saving and investing, retirement planning, and employee benefits through our:

  • WEALTH FOR THE RIGHTEOUS  financial newsletter
  • multimedia website
  • webinars and workshops
  • public service announcements
  • social media.

Churches and Organizations can empower members to become better managers over the financial resources God has entrusted to their stewardship by subscribing to WEALTH FOR THE RIGHTEOUS and making it available to members. Partnership Details for Churches & Organizations available here.

Businesses can help increase the financial literacy of customers, clients and patients by providing WEALTH FOR THE RIGHTEOUS newsletter as reading material either in a waiting room or as a pick-up to take with them. Partnership Details for Businesses available here.

WEALTH FOR THE RIGHTEOUS is one of few financial publications that provides unbiased information and tools with the objective of improving the financial well-being of individuals, families and communities!

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